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Vacation time has arrived!

I’ve been doing so much talk about amazing vacation rentals lately I’m going to write one from a different angle: actually staying in one. We’ll call it a work vacation and yes I will write it off at the end of the year! There are so many amazing reasons why you should stay in a vacation rental over a hotel or a motel and I’m going to convince you with this article. If you have a vacation coming up or are thinking about going away (even if it’s not to Nashville) this post is for you!

You won’t believe how much this vacation rental improved my trip!

nashville rental kitchen unitA working vacation and a vacation are two completely different things. I’ve taken a ton of working vacations over the last few years, I haven’t taken a single actual vacation since I was in college. This Nashville vacation rental really helped me ease out of my stressful work situation and into a complete state of Zen. I stayed at the Edge Midtown in Nashville; another lovely new property right near Vanderbilt university. Wondering why I chose Nashville? I graduated from Vanderbilt (Go Commodores!) so of course I wanted to get lodging near Vanderbilt; I knew the area fairly well. At least I thought I did!

So many amazing restaurants!

Where can I start about all of the amazing places to eat! Well, I went to the Catbird Seat on the first night, Jimmy Kellys on the second night and the Watermark restaurant on my third night. I could write an entire post about each one of these delicious restaurants they were so great. Of course when I was finished I headed out for a night on the town and I could relax and enjoy myself knowing my Nashville accommodations were only a few minutes a way by cab. This is the best thing about getting a vacation rental, you don’t have to make your way back to a hotel along with the thousands of other people trying to get back to their beds. You can always get a beautiful rental close enough to the downtown core you can just walk everywhere; and with prices comparable or better than a hotel!

Places change, sometimes for the better!

I had mentioned that I knew the area quite well. This was only partially true. If any of you have completed college or university and you were like me, you quickly nashville rental bedroomunderstand how much time you spend wandering around an area without really knowing anything about it. I must have been over every inch of Nashville when I was studying; I thought I knew the area inside and out. There were times on my vacation where I didn’t know where I was, I was lost. I had to say though, I enjoyed being lost! There were so many things to see and do I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s like every corner I turned another adventure was waiting for me! Nashville had always been great but now I saw that it was much greater.

And of course, what would a vacation be without a pool?

I love pools. I love waking up in the morning and drinking my coffee next to the calm water. I love taking a dip in the hot afternoon right before I take a nap. I love how sociable they are and how everyone is just so relaxed. You wouldn’t be surprised then when I told you this Nashville vacation rental included a pool. With some incredibly beautiful views it was a perfect place to start, and finish, my day.

Considering a vacation rental now?

I bet you are. If you have a vacation coming up you really need to check out the Nashville lodgings I listed above. You will only enjoy every minute of it. Of course if you are looking for other Nashville rentals you can always check out

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