Indianapolis Wedding Invitations

Indianapolis Wedding Invitations

Have you ever felt a little overwhelmed planning your wedding? I have. I was married in 2011 and I remember sitting down and planning it with my now spouse and trying to figure out every little detail. Every time I thought I had something covered I would remember something I hadn’t considered. This wasn’t good. My friends could see my stress levels were maxed out and they decided to take me out to dinner and made me promise we would not talk wedding. 

Sometimes you gotta talk wedding though

Of course after a few drinks the conversation turned to weddings. An in particular, planning weddings. They asked how my planning was going and I stated exactly what I was feeling: terrible. Some of my married friends asked me if anything in particular was bothering me. I was having a really difficult time trying to figure out how I was going to handle my wedding invitations. It seemed like I was at a road block in the sense that any time I tried to plan something else, we came back to the invites and how I hadn’t accomplished anything yet. They told me about the Indianapolis Bridal Boutique Blog it really made things easy for me. I ended up completing my wedding invitations and moved on to have a wonderful wedding. Don’t let the stress of planning a wedding get to you: talk to your friends and family.


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