Interested in a Shore Excursion in St. Petersburg? You should be.

Shore excursions are the new thing to do

I’ve always wanted to visit St. Petersburg. I had the chance last fall and I have to tell you all about how great it was. I was to capture a wedding for a couple I met at another wedding (a different story altogether, I’ll leave that for another day.) They mentioned how they were planning on a shore excursion in St. Petersburg and how excited they were to take part in it.  I hadn’t really heard of a shore excursion before but I was excited to learn about it.shore excursion st petersburg

Taking a cruise? Chances are you already know what a shore excursion is.

These are nothing new; in fact, if you’ve been on a cruise you’ve probably had the opportunity to take part in a shore excursion. It’s part of the reason we all love cruises that stop in many different ports. The more ports, the more places you get to see. St. Petersburg is such a great spot for a shore excursion; I’ll tell you why:

You will never see another building like Catherine Palace.

What does an empress do when she finds her mothers summer retreat is no longer up to3373143235_8772611ca6_o standard? Easy, she has it demolished and hires a German architect to design another! Catherine Palace is like no other building on the planet. Did you know over 100 kilograms of gold was used during the construction for the statues on the roof as well as part of the stucco work? The empress Catherine I wanted a grand summer retreat where she could relax. Well, she got it!

A chance to see world class art and culture,

You’ll definitely have to make sure the Hermitage Museum is on your todo list. This is one of the oldest museums in the world and boasts an incredible selection of art. They have one of the best egyptian collections in the world – take a look into the cradle of civilization! What I like the best? Free admission on the first Thursday of every month, and always free admission for students and children. Awesome!

A beautiful destination for leisure travel or a wedding.

I had came to photograph a wedding, I made sure I had time to experience the complete joy and beauty of this incredible city. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to capture some of my favourite photographs I have ever taken. The architecture combined with the really friendly people is what made this experience so amazing. I booked my shore excursion through They always have the best prices as well as the best service. Customer service is something that is becoming often overlooked in our technically inclined society, and that’s ok if you are dealing with something small. When I’m making a purchase that has anything to do with travel I make sure I do it through an agency that has only the best customer service. I’m cofident with my reccomendations; you will be to.
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