Interview with a Nashville Bride

Speaking with a bride from Nashville

pool at Vista GermantownI’ve always loved following up with clients long after their wedding day. Nicole is a bride whose wedding I shot in Nashville last year, in this post I follow up and interview her about her wedding day. The interview took place via Skype and after we chatted for a bit about life we got down to business: I wanted to know what she loved about her Nashville wedding and what made it special. You can quickly see in the interview how important it was to her to have great Nashville family lodging lined up for her guests.

Can you tell me about your favorite vendors?

Ah there are so many. I really loved my photographer, she was awesome. Also, the food was amazing as well as the decor. It was all so magical. Looking back what really sticks out to me is how happy everyone was to be there. I went with a Suzanne Harward wedding dress, I’m so glad I did. It stood out in the photos perfectly and everyone loved it!

What made them so happy?

Well, a lot of my family came from out of state, so that left most of them looking for a Nashville vacation rental. The majority of them stayed at Vista Germantown in Nashville, it even had a pool so they could go and relax after a long hot day.

The accommodations had that much of an impact on their trip?

Of course! Most of them stayed here for a week, when you factor in the wedding day and all of the other excitement they really needed a place they could go and unwind. The Nashville vacation rental they ended up with was a huge blessing. I can’t imagine how they would have held up throughout the wedding with sub-par Nashvile accommodations. I even ended up there a img (3)few evenings throughout the week just to spend some time with them and make use of that awesome pool!

Did a lot of them bring children?

Yes, most of them did. the Nashville family lodgings they ended up at (Vista Germantown) was so accommodating with larger families. Anyone who has traveled with children know just how difficult it can be to find a good spot where you don’t feel like all the other guests are waiting for you too leave. It was great!

OK, I can see you loved this spot, tell me more about it.

Well, there was just so much for my family to do all day. They went to the Cumberland river, which was just a short walk from Vista Germantown, and the next day they walked to the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Anyone who had a wedding where a ton of family and friends came from out of town will know what I mean when I say it’s a huge relief to know that they are all comfortable and taken care of. Knowing that my family members were all set up in comfortable Nashville accommodations is such a great thing!bathroom at Vista Germantown

Back to your wedding day, any shout outs?

Yes, I loved the DJ as well as my photographer. If my cousin Steve is readying this I’d like to thank him for doing such an awesome job as the MC. We had a lot of guests and he was able to keep things on track and maintain the focus of the wedding party. He was amazing.

How is married life in Nashville?

I love it. There is so much to do here and we’ve settled in quite nicely. I have that kiss shot you took of us near the Cumberland river hanging above our fireplace. It’s a really great city to live in, and I hear so many awesome things from friends and family when they come here to stay. Of course I’m always recommending they stay at the same place my family and friends did during our wedding [Vista Germantown] and they always love it.

And the honeymoon?

We went to Washington, DC. I’ve never been and I’m a huge monument fanatic. I had been to Egypt to see the pyramids but I’ve never seen the Washington Monument! Crazy right? We stayed at this awesome place by the Thomas Circle, in fact I think you just wrote a piece on it) and we took in all the sites. I had a great time and we plan on going back there for our 5th year anniversary.

dining room at vista germantown


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