Ireland’s best holiday deals just got a little sweeter


From Halifax to Ireland

I knew we were in for an amazing trip. I’d been hired to photograph a wedding and thought I had got Ireland’s best holiday dealsI booked with our typical travel agent (in the local mall – you know what I’m talking about) and was assured there would be no lower price anywhere. I was confident we were getting the best price. I was wrong!

You need to see Dublin and the Cliffs of Moher

You need to see these beautiful spots and you should do it with the peace of mind knowing you got the best price. During the wedding I met with another couple from Halifax (Crazy, I know) and we talked about how much we paid for our trip. I was blown away when they told me they paid about 40 percent less than I did. How was that possible? They told me about this amazing online travel agency called – I checked it and and was instantly floored. I could have saved a ton!

Use that extra cash for doing the things you love

That’s the best part of it all, you get to see andireland travel deals do even more than you had anticipated. When you save cash on your travel plans you get to use that cash for more exciting things to do. Planned on staying in a 3 star? Why not up it to a 5 star? Didn’t plan on renting a vehicle? You can afford one now! I have already booked a vacation to Ireland in a few months; we’re going to go do a few things we didn’t get a chance to on our last trip. How fun is that!

Planning a wedding in Ireland?

I’ve photographed a few weddings in Ireland over the years. Some of my favourite photographs were taken there. When most people think of ‘destination wedding’ they associate it with the tropics – Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, etc. I’ve found that more and more couples are flying out of Canada (Halifax, in particular) and heading towards Europe. If you’ve always wanted to get to Ireland or dreamed about sharing your vows within a castle it’s definitely within your reach. Just go with and get Ireland’s best holiday deals!

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