You Won’t Believe Jewellery Fashion for Summer 2016!

Don’t be stuck with out of date fashion!

What’s hot and what’s not, it’s kind of the sign of our times. When we spend so much time wondering about the next big thing sometimes we forget about what is right in front of us. I’ve spent most of the last month trying to find some fashion and jewellery inspiration for some of my summer brides. I’ve hit up all of the classic, traditional sources of usual inspiration: celebrities, gossip magazines, fashion magazines, etcetera. Nothing was working for me though. I didn’t see anything that was really going to wow my clients. I am known for my ability to keep my finger on the pulse of the wedding industry. It’s important for me to be able to spot a trend before it really takes off, I love being the first to push a new concept. When I nail it, it looks great for everyone. So you can see my distress when I tell you I was having trouble trying to find some jewelry fashion ideas.

Sometimes you just gotta grind.

Wasn’t I surprised then, when I came across one of my (now) favorite fashion and jewellry blog and saw all the inspiration I needed! Seriously, this is the place to go if you want to be cutting edge. If you want to catch a trend before it’s a trend, this is where you will do it. I’ve sent many of my brides there and they have all come back to me thrilled to have discovered it. Check it out, your fashion depends on it!

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