Learn to do this and you’ll have a wedding you never forget (Ballroom dance, anyone?)

ballroom dance lessonsWedding Dance Lessons Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Well, that’s a bit of a lie. They should be difficult, just not so difficult you can’t do them, or so difficult to find that it’s not realistic to complete them. As a wedding photographer I have been to some very classy weddings. Some weddings that have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to pull off and were located in some of the classiest venues in the world. I’ve also been a part of many smaller weddings. Weddings where money wasn’t as freely spent as more expensive weddings but the beauty and class were nearly the same. See, there is one thing all beautiful and elegant weddings have in common – and it isn’t money!

A couple should feel confident enough to give themselves to each other – completely

A common thread I have found in all of my favourite weddings is that the couples are always so full of love and life. They love being with each other. They feel as if every moment they spend together is a blessing and it’s as if they seemingly blend into one united soul. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some couples who have worked very hard at learning to ballroom dance before their wedding day. To me, there is nothing more quintisentially wedding than a ballroom with a bride and groom waltzing their first dance with a crowd cheering them on. I love how fairytale it is – I always think of Cinderella when I’m snapping the photos.

Learning to ballroom dance is going to take time, effort, and patience

Like anything in life worth doing, ballroom dancing is no different. To learn it, to completely feel comfortable in front of a crowd, it’s going to take aDance lessons concerted effort. You are both going to have to go through the entire learning process and if you aren’t used to learning a new skill it’s going to be challenging. there are going to be times you want to give up and just have a slow dance like everyone else. You won’t though, you’ll see it through. I know the type of people that seek out learning to ballroom dance are not the kind of people to give up. These are the couples I was talking about earlier – the ones with spark ‘full of love and life’. You see adventure and an opportunity in fun with a new challenge. You will accept the up’s and downs of ballroom dancing with the pinache of a seasoned veteran. When your wedding day comes I know you’ll be wowing your friends and family as you gaze into each others eye’s and dance together for the first time as husband and wife.

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