After the wedding: Mortgages and Homes! You need a loanerr

You seriously need to read this if you ever want to buy a home

You’re married, woohoo! The wedding has come and gone and so has most of your savings. That’s ok, it’s what most couples go through. Still, you find yourself wondering how people do it? How do you buy a home if you aren’t independently wealthy or if you don’t have a humongous downpayment as a gift from your parents. Is there ever a way?

You need a loanerr

Whats loanerr? I’m glad you ask. is a service that provides opportunities to use your wedding gifts as your downpayment. Your matrimonial home should be one that you love. You should be able to get a low mortgage rate you deserve with several exit strategies.

Weddings gifts as downpayment

That’s right. You probably got a ton of cash when you celebrated your wedding. Cash is a very common gift at weddings across all cultures. You can use that cash as a bonafide down payment on a new home, and that’s pretty fantastic.

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If you are having a hard time at traditional lenders you should really consider, they provide the best alternative to a traditional bank and they are there to help you work through the most important purchase in your life.


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