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Not all wedding photographers are created equal

It’s a truism I often find myself repeating to those in the industry. Gone are the days when someone could just throw a shingle on their door and call themselves a wedding photographer. In fact, I would argue it’s become more difficult to become a ‘bonafide’ wedding photographer. These days, we are so informed by the internet it’s easy to spot an impostor.

martin dabek winter wedding

So, what makes this guy so special?

Those of us in the industry know what organizations and awards are noteworthy and the ones which we think of as ‘fluff.’ There are several awards and organizations that are the real thing. These are what every wedding photographer aspires to and they serve as inspiration to those who haven’t attained them. Fearless photography awards are given to only the best wedding photographers on the planet. They are judged by the best in the industry and only several out of tens of thousands win the award. Martin Dabek has won two. He is also a member of the ISPWP, (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.) This is the elite organization that only allows the best of the best to join.

Why you need to consider a winter wedding.

If you ask a typical wedding photographer what is the best time of year to get married, they will probably tell you the fall. The fall is known for beautiful colours and great light in the evening. Both great reasons for a wedding. If you ask Martin, you might get a different answer. He loves to shoot winter weddings and if you look on his website you will find some incredible wedding photos shot exclusively in the winter time.

Do other photographers think shooting in the snow is difficult?

Well, the short answer is yes. For a photographer there is so much to consider when shooting portraiture. Lighting is always going to be at the top of that list. If you have ever lived in a snowy climate you will know that the first thing you reach for when you head outside on a cold winters day is your pair of sunglasses. It’s bright. So bright in fact, some photographers won’t even attempt or accept a wedding in the winter. This is what really makes Martin Dabek stand out from other wedding photographers. He is not afraid to get outside of most peoples comfort zones and attempt something fantastic. And he always nails it.


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