More than just the top 10 things to do in New York – your honeymoon is going to be amazing!


Why you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced New York

I know – attention grabber to hook the reader. Well, you’re here so we can get past the whole clickbaity title and on to the story. This story is about a time I spent in New York City. This was a time before the internet, and before you could simply lookup the top 10 things to do in New York. Nope, I was on my own. It was 2009 and I was relocating from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Anyone with a tiny bit of geographical knowledge of North America is asking the question why was I hundreds of miles away from my destination?

When adventure calls you have two options

You can ignore it or you can answer it. We’ve all ignored it during our lifetimes. 11028273374_e52521be3b_zWhether we were young and confused or old and confused we have all decided to stay safe and ignore that calling of adventure. Have we all answered it? Have you? I did, and it ended up with me in New York City looking for a person I hadn’t seen for 6 years.

The adventure was just beginning

The person who I was going to meet is now my wife. The adventure in New York had me hopping subways and taxis and asking for directions. It had me next to the Empire State Building and Madison Square Gardens. It had me open a door and see the one I knew I had to be with. Life is full of adventures. I’ve ignored the calling like everyone else but I can share one bit of advice – every time I’ve answered it I’ve come out a better person. Sure there have been times I thought I had been making a huge mistake but things always worked out for the better. Oh, and the internet was around in 2009, but great top ten lists weren’t.

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