One way you can brighten up your wedding

Every wedding needs a little pop;

I’ve shot over 300 weddings and I’ve seen some beauties. Here in Nova Scotia we have a very clear night sky wit little to no light pollution. It’s the perfect opportunity to use some long exposures and get a beautiful photograph. The shots can be technical but if you nail them, they’re fantastic. Here’s a little tip for your photographer and how he or she can get an amazing wedding sparkler photograph.

Use a long exposure, lets see those spark trails!

The shutter should be set for between 3 and 5 seconds. It needs to be long enough to provide a nice long tail for the sparks coming off the 20 inch wedding sparklers. 

Long exposure means a tripod is a must!

Now you don’t need to have a super expensive tripod, heck I’ve even used a fence post. Whatever you end up using it has to be perfectly still. This is what tripods are built for.

Have the couple pose (tell them not to cover their faces with the sparklers!)

A nice kiss shot is great, you can have them hold the sparkler at their side.

Off camera flash for bonus points!

Have a flash set off camera, about 45 degrees above and in front of the couple. Have it set to rear curtain (Nikon camera’s) and that will trigger it at the end of the exposure. You’ll need relatively low power, think 1/32, and you will get a beautiful effect that freezes the moment. A long exposure will typically leave a little motion blur but if you use the flash you can avoid that.

Enjoy awesome long exposure sparkler pictures for decades to come.

Wedding sparklers are a timeless classic tradition that gives your wedding some extra pop at a relatively low cost. Always make sure you use only the highest quality!

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