In Poconos I learned about more than travel photography


Last winter I learned the most important thing

I was travelling throughout Pennsylvania. I had a few weddings to capture and I also wanted to see more of the beautiful state. Naturally I ended up in Poconos (as anyone who travels would) and I decided to stay a few nights to experience the area.

Wasn’t it a surprise when I came across an old friend

This has happened only once before in my life. I was walking through my hometown of Halifax and I bumped into an old university friend out of the blue; this time I was skiing down Camelback mountain. As i often travel solo, I don’t mind taking part in these types of activities on my own. I slid up to the lift and wait for it to scoop me up and carry me to the summit. Covered head to toe in winter gear (think helmet, goggles, jacket, gloves, etc) so it took a few minutes of small talk until I realized I was talking to my old roommate!

We lamented on old times and remarked on today

When I told him I was a travel writer/wedding photographer he congratulated me and told me he wasn’t surprised. When I asked what he did he told me he ended up working at a bank in Harrisburg. He has a wife and 2 kids who were with him on the trip (although currently his wife was nursing his youngest who was suffering a sprained elbow.) He told me he was proud of me for pursuing my dreams and it was in that second I saw a flash in his eyes of what could have been.

He always talked about working for NASA

He knew he would never be able to be an astronaut, but he was set on working as an engineer. At some point he decided he would settle at the bank, which was supposed to be a temporary thing between his undergrad and grad school. It was then I realized how lucky I had been to have pursued my own dreams. We all face so many opportunities of chance in our life I was inspired I had taken the right path so many times.

We decided to meet for dinner the following night

I wanted to reconnect. He was really a great friend and I wanted to meet his family. It turns out he ended up marrying his university girlfriend and they had been together for seven years. I regretted not being able to make his wedding (in Poconos, no less) but I had been committed to shooting some local weddings in Halifax. I had the full day to experience this amazing part of Pennsylvania and I intended to make the most of it.

You must get to Raymondskill Falls

I decided to do some winter hiking and I set my direction to Raymondskill Falls. I love waterfalls and I especially love them in the wi5175547601_c445b239a9_bnter. It’s amazing to me how the ice can sometimes form in front of the falls and you are left with a glass like casing in front of the torrent. I was blown away at the trail quality and the condition of the recreational facilities. It’s no surprise to me that this is a premiere destination for outdoor activities. I snapped a few quick photos with my phone (sometimes I don’t bring all my gear with me, I need a break too!) and made my way back to me lodging where I could  enjoy Pocono’s all year round weekends and weekdays vacation in our 5bed/2bath house located in the center of all the major Pocono winter/summer attractions: Fishing, Golfing, Skiing ,Tubing,Swimming,Treetop Adventure, Paintball, Rock Climbing and much more.

I made a commitment on my way to dinner

I would reconnect with lost friends. I travel so much I didn’t have a great excuse for not going out of my way to find those who mean the most to me. My old roommate told me how much it meant to him and his family that I followed my dreams. He told me he had talked to his wife about applying for his graduate degree and trying to get on with NASA. I was inspired by his actions and committed to fulfilling my goals of shooting a wedding in every state in the USA by 2020. We agreed to meet again next winter and we would spend some time on the mountain again. It was a revitalizing trip that I wasn’t even expecting.



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