Destination: Caribbean | Why you deserve the best wedding planner

Our Caribbean Wedding Planning Series ;

We love planning weddings. In fact, discussing it makes up about 75% of the content on our website. That’s quite a bit. It’s no wonder we love it so much – when you see all of the amazing wedding planners who are doing great things you will to. Factor in a Caribbean destination wedding planner and you now have a recipe for a super exclusive, really amazing wedding. So if you’re having a wedding in the Dominican Republic and you are looking for some help nailing down and researching wedding venues then we have just the article for you!

You deserve a wedding planner – here’s why:

You’ve been planning your wedding your entire life – that’s part of the allure of a wedding. At some point you decided you wanted to get married in a tropical location (such as the Dominican) and you want it to be just like you envisioned as a little girl. A barefoot ceremony on the beach, the perfect decor and party favors, you’ve even though about a guitar trio. Now that you are in the planning stages it’s time to put your plan into action – and if my guess is right – it’s a little more difficult then you initially thought.

Weddings planning need not be stressful

As a wedding photographer I’ve worked with a lot of clients. When I see a stresses out to the max client it takes me a lot of extra work to make the photographs as great as they should be, and to be honest I often can’t make the photographs as good as I could. You see, stress does a lot of bad things to people. It makes them sleep less, it makes them not eat well, it plays havoc on their skin and in general makes it difficult to smile. You can see why a stressed out bride wouldn’t be the best subject to photograph.

A happy bride is a pretty bride

It’s true. The best clients I’ve ever had have also been the least stressed clients I’ve ever had. They’ve also got the best photos possible. And most of the time they used a wedding planner. A carefree bride knows that a professional has taken care of everything she needs for the biggest day of her life. She knows that if something happens that could be a problem during the wedding day (guaranteed to happen at least once) that her planner will take care of it. Often, these problems don’t even make it to the bride or groom – wedding planners are there throughout your day and able to make decisions for you – no one bothering you with pesky details!

A tropical wedding demands planning

It’s hard enough planning a wedding in your own city. Imagine trying to plan one in Punta Cana when you are thousands of miles away? You need a Punta Cana Wedding Planner and you need to know you can trust them. I’ve worked with many different planners and I can say with confidence they make your life a heck of a lot easier!


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