The Biggest Comeback That Never Left, Be a Quaintrelle, Be The Best You

Remember those people who get tattoos on their arm that proclaim something like, “Faith” or “Courage”. I often wonder about the intent these people have getting the tattoos and if they believe having them will bestow upon them the very words they state. Interestingly, they are often imitating other people whose values they look up to. They want to be something they are not.

bride and bridesmaid
Charming and laid back. Quantrellism at it’s best.

Quaintrelle is about a life of passion, emphasized through personal style, leasurely pastimes and an amount of charm. We’ve seen several throughout history (think Audrey Hepburn, she’s my archtype quaintrelle). Today, it’s more than what I’ve described. It’s not about being the person with the tattoo of ‘carefree’ on her arm, it’s about being the person everyone wants to be. It’s about cultivating joy in your life and doing everything you can to be the best you. When you are the best you can be it moves providence. Things start to come your way. This is then expressed through your external style. It’s you being exactly who you want to be.

The word has been around forever. It was the female equivalent of ‘dandy’ a term for a man of the times. We are seeing a huge resurgence in the lifestyle and there is an emerging authority on the topic. Check out the best quaintrelle blog on the internet to learn more.
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