Ready to pull your hair out with all the planning? You need a wedding break!

You deserve peace of mind; don’t you?

As an experienced wedding photographer in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I’ve seen every type of wedding. Backyard, Boho, Classic and Elegant, Themed and Fairytale. There isn’t a wedding I haven’t been to, photographed, or read about it. When you make your living in based on your knowledge of the wedding industry it pays to stay up to date. I’ve worked with many types of couples too – there have been times my photography services were by far the most expensive element of a wedding. More and more couples are getting married on a shoestring budget – this doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice quality. When you combine a tight budget with wedding planning you are going to have a bad time. You don’t have to though, you need a wedding breakYou deserve one.

What’s a wedding break? Well, it’s catching a break for your wedding.

There are so many expensive wedding vendors – many couples on a budget get quickly discouraged from wedding planning. Instead of a fun and exciting task it becomes a dark cloud that constantly follows the betrothed threatening to rain down an empty bank account. It puts stress on a relationship, and the fact that there is stress on your relationship before your wedding day is stressful in and of itself. Eeeeek! No one wants that kind of drama. Let’s keep wedding planning fun – the way it’s meant to be. Check out these totally tried and true ways to save money during your wedding planning – you might save so much you’ll feel obliged to send me a cheque!

Cut. Your. Guest. List.

I know, it’s obvious – but no one talks about it! Here’s how your guest list planning probably went:

  • Let’s keep the list to 75
  • List after first draft is at 175
  • Make tough cuts over a few weeks
  • List is now at 120 (and that includes uncle Frank and his new girlfriend!) 

C&NWedding(72of227)And on the story goes. The bottom line is this: the amount of guests is directly proportional to the total cost of your wedding. Everything from chairs to table rentals, dishes and meals – even the venue costs will depend on how many guests you invite. Save some money and try this instead:

How to cut guests from your wedding invites:

  1. Begin with a rough idea of how many guests you want/can afford. Don’t go with hard numbers; you have no way of predicting exactly how many guests you are going to invite so why set yourself up for a potential failure?
  2. Talk with each other. You are going have to decide whether you need to broach the subject with your parents. The reality is the guests that will end up cut will be extended family. This is where parents of the to-be married couple can get a little bit crazy.
  3. Send out cards. Seriously this. If you are able to get your list down to 60-70 people you are going to have a lot of people in your life that didn’t make the cut. Send them a card and let them know you are having a small intimate wedding and that you would have loved to have them come had the wedding been more traditional.
  4. Make a “must get an invite” list. Be harsh. Be critical. Only the closest and most influential people in your life make this list. It isn’t uncle Frank, he might be on your mother’s list but he isn’t on yours. Try and keep this list to 20. Think parents, grandparents, siblings and their families, and wedding party. That’s it. Not work friends, not book club friends, not friends who you know will get all awkward if they don’t make the cut. This day is about you, not them.
  5. Make a “I’d love to have these people” list. This is where you can have fun – everyone you would honestly love to have present at your wedding. That new girl from work you just click with? Throw her on the list if you feel like you could be amazing friends. This still is not the list for those ‘sometimes friends’. Oh yeah, Uncle Frank still doesn’t make this list.
  6. The ‘everybody else’ list. This is for everyone and anyone you wouldn’t even mind if they showed up to your wedding. It’s a big list full of co-workers, old friends and extended-extended-family. DSC_0966-1
  7.  Arithmetic time. Add up your first two lists. Subtract the number from your H.G.P (highest guests possible – yes I just made that up) what you are left with is the amount of people you can invite from the ‘everybody else’ list. Get creative with the culling. You may have to prioritize, you may have to strategically ‘forget’ to invite someone.
  8. Kick off your slippers, put your feet up and pour some champagne – you’ve done it!

Culling your guest list isn’t easy, but it’s necessary.

It’s the down and dirty of wedding planning. It’s where the ‘heel’s hit the aisle’ so to speak. You are going to feel a tremendous stress relief when you’ve completed it – now everything else will fall into place. Once you’ve got this task out of the way you can continue planning your wedding and not even stress a tiny bit – it’s going to fit in your budget no problem! I’ve always told those couples looking to save some money wedding planning to check out – this is a brand new and super exciting website that brings all the affordable wedding industry vendors in your area into one convenient place. It’s simple and it’s effective. It helps you save money. Should I remind you about that cheque now?

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