Reservations for hotels just got a whole lot easier

Are you struggling with how to figure out your hotel rental?

I know when I was booking my honeymoon I spent hours… too many hours to be honest, looking for the best option for hotel rentals. When I finally decided which platform I wanted to use it turns out I spent about 80 bucks more than I had to. If i had used┬ánot only would I have saved a significant amount of money but I would have saved a ton of time as well. You’re going to want to bring a global wifi hotspot with you; it’s an awesome device that fit’s in your pocket and provides free roaming data! Awesome!

Honeymoon’s are meant for spending time together

Imagine if you had a bunch of extra money for your honeymoon! I know that when I went to Paris for my honeymoon we didn’t have a ton of money to throw around. We had just spent a ton of money on our wedding and we were trying to save for a house. The reason I love so much is because I am able to spend more time and money with the ones I love. That’s important to me and I know during anyone’s marriage the more time you can spend with your husband or life the happier you will be. And if you can save money on top of it, doesn’t that make everything so much better?

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