You’ve never seen a wedding dress this sexy before, I guarantee it!

Maybe these dresses are too much for you

I’ve seen some incredible wedding dresses in my time as a wedding photographer. I’ve seen styles come and go and I’ve seen some styles that remain timeless. I’ve seen women pull off a dress I never thought they could have and I’ve also seen my share of wardrobe malfunctions. I always love it when I see a bride who is willing to get outside of her comfort zone and wear a dress, own a dress, that is at the cutting edge of fashion.

honepage3Riki Dali Haute Couture is the hottest thing in weddings

You don’t have to go to London or Paris to find the hottest wedding trends. Not when I’m showing you them right here and right now. Riki Dali Haute Couture is everything that makes a wedding dress sexy. A wedding dress should be edgy, it shouldn’t be something you feel comfortable in – at least not right away. Part of the reason you look so stunning on your wedding day is because of the amount of work you put into looking good. You put all of that work into looking your best, shouldn’t you reward yourself with a beautiful, sexy wedding dress? I don’t think I’ve seen any wedding dresses this sexy before and I’m not sure it would fit into everyone’s culture. It might be a bit too much for you if you’re getting married on a ranch in North Dakota or Minnesota, maybe not – I have to tell you I’d be super impressed if someone were to pull that off.

NYC or LA, this is exactly what you need

If you are getting married in a super destination like NYC or LA you need something like this to put your wedding over the top. You want your guests to say wow and your soon to be husband gasping for air when he see’s you walk down the aisle for the first time. As a wedding photographer here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I have to say when a bride owns her wedding dress and looks fantastic in it there is a spell put on the crowd and the entire ceremony is taken to a new level. Don’t even get me started on wedding photos. Taking photos of a bride who is really cutting edge in a new trendy dress is less work and more of a joy for me. It’s like I’ve left the wedding and ended up next to the catwalk at a fashion show.

If you’re ready check it out

Riki Dali Haute Couture designs wedding dresses like none other. Some might say the dresses are a little to risque for certain weddings but if you’re willing to look your best with a cutting edge dress you need to try one on.