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Don’t forget the flower girl dress!

flower girl dressFlower girls are the unsung heros of weddings. They bring a little light to the ceremony that only a young girl can. They represent innocence and humility and show us just what it’s like to be a kid again. I always make an effort during a wedding to capture a shot of the flower girl throwing petals in the aisle. It’s always amazing to me how much effort they put into dropping the petals just so. They do it with dedication and focus and an effort that is herculean. They don’t want to mess it up. These little girls are so proud of what their job is on the big day and the beautiful dress they get to wear. They’ve earned the right to a beautiful flower girl dress.

Who is the flower girl?

Usually, brides will choose a young member of the family to be their flower girl. Often this ends up being their youngest daughter, a niece of even a close friend’s child. If you think about it we really all know someone in our lives with a young girl. The best age for a flower girl is between 6 and 10 years old. Of course, I’ve been to weddings where an infant has acted the part with the help of a mother or older sibling. This is pretty special; albeit a bit impractical. Whoever you choose, you’re going to want to adorn them in the most beautiful dress you can find. It’s a big job for them and they are going to be very nervous. Make them comfy in a pretty dress.

Where do you look?

When it comes time to buy a dress for your littlest helper I’ve found brides can be a little exasperated over the choices. First off, they never know where to buy the dress. Do they go to a big box store? A boutique in the mall that has a hundred locations across the country? Should they check out the bridal shop where they bought their wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses from? They all seem to want the same thing; a unique dress for their flower girl.

The best online boutique in Calgary

Not just Calgary, but anywhere. I love this shop for it’s variety and feeling of authenticity. You just know everything made here is made with love and devotion. is an online shop that caters to those who want something a little extra special. It’s rare to find a shop thatimg_7094_grande takes a lot of pride in what they do. With so many online shops these days just trying to pump out sales it’s a real breath of fresh air when you find one that honours quality and style over volume. Not that they don’t have volume, they most certainly do. I’ve never found an online boutique that has as much product as they do. Amazing items that keep you shopping and looking for more. Now that you know where to get your flower girl dress, lets go over some tips to make sure you get the best one:

Don’t leave it to the last minute!

This is the first and best piece of advice I can give you about ordering a flower girl dress. Wedding planning can be very difficult and very stressful. We all know this. There is so much to plan and so many little details to take care of; sometimes it can feel as if every little plan is a helium balloon and there is a room full of them. You are holding onto one when you see another one start to float away. You go to grab the one that’s floating away and you let go of one you were already holding onto. The cycle continues and you are left frazzled and frustrated. You made sure you sized and ordered your dress with plenty of time to spare. You made sure your groom and his groomsmen all have been fitted for their tuxedos long in advance . The bridesmaids have been ready to go and you know they aren’t going to have any problems with their fittings. It’s no surprise so many brides forget about their flower girl dresses but that doesn’t mean you have to. Give yourself lots of time.

Little girls grow fast! Check and double check that size!

We keep a measuring stick in our living room. A couple times every year we measure our girls. I’m always blown away at how much they grow in such a short amount of time. Typically, weddings go a cd0112bpp_grandeyear from engagement to ceremony. It’s not uncommon for a little one to grow two or three inches in this time. If you think you can just buy a dress for them early in the planning stages and then forget about it until the day of…. I’m sorry to tell you, it doesn’t work like that. Yes, you should really have a beautiful dress picked out for her (check out the flower dress section at but maybe don’t order it until a few months before the wedding. Kids grow, don’t get stuck with a dress that won’t fit them!

Don’t be afraid to dress up the dress!

Remember, this is probably the first opportunity this little girl has had in her life to dress up and look great in front of a crowd. She’s going to remember it for the rest of her life. She knows the bride is going to be so beautiful in her gown. She is going to be surrounded by beautifully dressed bridesmaids who look so comfortable in their dresses. Make them feel special and put a little extra into their dress. There are some amazingly beautiful headband sets available. These are a great option to really make their outfit pop. Floral sashes are another great way to bring something unique to an already beautiful dress. There are many different techniques you can use to make their dress stand out. A quick google search will give you a ton of great ideas for inspiration. Check it out!

Make them match!

They are really going to notice your colour pallette. This may seem like an afterthought but your flower girl should most definitely fit within your colour scheme. If you are concerned about having too much of one colour then just start working with some complimentary colours. Most weddings I work at go with 3 colours but I’ve seen some with as many as 5 and as few as 1! Try and keep their dress to the least used colour. That is, if all your bridesmaids are in light blue dresses, let the flower be in the dandelion yellow. They are going to feel as if they are part of the entire wedding plan, but they are also going to feel unique and special in that they are a little different than everyone else. I love seeing a flower girl wearing something just a little different. It looks great in photos too!

Jewelry doesn’t hurt, either!

This is of course very dependant on your budget but if you want your flower girl to feel over the moon with joy then get her some special jewelry. You can even put it on with her when you put yours on. A special piece of jewelry will last a life time and always remind them of that special day they got to be your flower girl. A silver bracelet or a pendant necklace will tell them just how much you appreciate what they are doing for you.

There is more too wedding planning than you could ever prepare for

This is a truth and the sooner you understand it and accept it the easier your wedding planning will become. Many people pay a lot of money to wedding planners to help them take care of the major details. There is a lot to remember. It can be done, of course, it always has been done. If you surround yourself with people you love and make them feel as if they are a part of the planning process you will be amazed at just how much can be accomplished. When it comes to choosing a flower girl you should make it into a special event for the both of you. Treat it as though you are proposing to her and make a date out of it. Take her to the mall, or downtown to the candy shop or even out to a movie. Surprise her and watch the twinkle in her eye when she first understands she is going to get to wear a beautiful dress just like you.

Is a mother daughter based fashion house based out of Calgary Alberta, Canada. They take pride in what they do – make and design fashion for young children. They specialize in birthday outfits as well as accessories and fashion for weddings. They pour love into each item they make and it shows. Check out their online boutique today and find something for the little one in your life!



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