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Honeymooning in Europe? Get those SAS EuroBonus Points!

The thing I love the most about travelling in Europe is that you can visit so many different places for such a low overall cost of travelling. Being stuck here in North America I feel limited to where I can travel. Everything is so spread out! Europe is quite the opposite. Between rail, and and ferry you can get wherever you need to go for a pretty reasonable price. If you are looking for SAS EuroBonus you’ve got to check out this site. It’s the best for EuroBonus and it’s that simple.

You can get to so many places in the world from Europe!

It’s the most central continent in terms of global travel. Wherever you want to go is just a quick little hop on a plane (Well, ok, maybe to some destinations it’s a bit father than a quick hop!) For example, I went to Norilsk a few years ago and I flew out of London to Moscow. From Moscow I flew to Norilsk and I have to tell you: it was such an amazing beautiful city that I made a point to get back there and capture some weddings. I had such a fun time and saw so many things I had never thought of before – if you are looking for an exotic destination for your wedding I recommend you check out Norilsk.


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