So what the heck is SEO and why should I care about it?


SEO impacts all aspects of our lives…

Bold statement, I know. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process or system of how a website ranks on popular search engines. If a website has good SEO, you would find it on the first page of google when you searched for it’s keywords, if it has bad SEO, you might never find it on a search engine regardless of the keywords you enter. So how does this impact our lives? As we continue to move into the digital age more of what we do starts somewhere online. Searching for a wedding dress? I bet you googled wedding dress store [your city] 

OK, I get it, but what does this have to do with my wedding?

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SEO shouldn’t be confusing!

Everything! Ok, not everything. But a lot. Most people (I used to be one of them) equate first page ranking on google with quality goods or service. You can now understand why this may not be the case anymore. What if you search for Wedding Photographer [your city] and you get some results that seem…. less than par. Well, I bet these photographers are also very astute website managers and have climbed the rankings based upon their abilities to write a blog article, or get someone to link to them, rather than be actually great photographers.

Great, more work while I plan my wedding, thanks.

Well, not necessarily more work, but you will be more informed as you navigate the every changing landscape of the internet. Do your homework when buying a service online. Make sure vendors are as good as they say they are. Ask for references. Understand SEO.


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