So many great things about that wedding in Dallas

If you have the chance, you have to go

To Dallas. Seriously. I just got back from shooting a wedding there and I’m telling you it’s such a fantastic city. There is so much to tell about the amazing things I got to experience there; I’ll do my best to condense it all into this blog post.

view from LTV Tower Room
I got to wake up this this view every morning!

I always make an effort to check out the local art galleries.

Being an artist it doesn’t surprise anyone that I always am drawn to local art exhibits. Dallas has an amazing art gallery that is right in the center of the art district (how cool is that? A city with an ‘art district’!) I arrived in Dallas on Tuesday and I knew I had to get the best Dallas vacation rental I could. I’m a super busy person and when I’m done working I need to know I’ll be able to relax. I ended up staying at the LTV Tower which was conveniently located right in the center of the city. An added super awesome bonus was that it was less than a 10 minute walk to the art gallery. The art gallery was everything I thought it would be and more. If offered some seriously old artifacts to look at up to some of the most beautiful examples of modern art that exist. It’s a must see for the artists and non-artists alike.

Business or pleasure? You tell me.

The Dallas World Aquarium. I know you’ve heard of it, everyone has. When I found out it was a mere ten minute

view of Dallas street and LTV tower
What an awesome view walking back to the LTV tower!

walk from my incredibly convenient Dallas accommodations I had to make a trip there. Wednesday morning (after some delicious Texas breafast tacos) I left the LTV Tower (which I was feeling pretty at home in by now) and went to the aquarium. It was Wednesday and I had a wedding to shoot this coming weekend. I was in awe at all the amazing spots I saw along the way as well as at the aquarium that would be perfect for wedding photos. I admit it, I am going to be claiming my ticket into the aquarium as a business write off. I did make a few notes along the way (if anything to justify the write off) but hey, this is a post about how great Dallas is, not about how to save money on taxes! The aquarium was actually really great. I spend about 6 hours there and I could have spent much more. I do have children of my own however I didn’t bring them on this trip. I will, however, be bringing them next time. This city is all about family vacation fun!

I did have some scouting to do;

I decided to check out Trinity River Park. After spending so much time with the dolphins the day before and the last two days within the confines of the city I needed some fresh forest air. At most one of the park entrances was 10 dallas family lodgingminutes by cab from the LTV Tower, and there are a lot more close entrances if you know where to look. I wanted to make sure I had some great spots for portraits during the wedding and Trinity River Park did not disappoint. I was so happy I made it to the park and I ended up getting some incredible photos. Being outside made me think about my kids back home and how awesome it would be to bring them back. There is so much more than I’ve listed for fun things to do in Dallas, you really have to come here to see it all. I already had Dallas family lodging set up, I’d just book another vacation rental at the LTV Tower. It’s seriously a gorgeous new tower in the heart of downtown Dallas and it’s perfect for hosting you and your family.

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