Stress-Less Wedding Planning. If you want a great wedding don’t miss this!

Stress-Less Wedding Planning

Can there be such a thing? Let me take you through the typical wedding planning as done by a typical bride, in any typical state or province.

First, the engagement

Naturally, this is the first stage of the wedding planning process. Usually it’s done more so by the groom however the future bride often does have input – such as what kind of ring she wants, how many diamonds, matching wedding bands, etc.

Secoa time piece showing the second hand ticking.nd, the date

Picking a date is not as easy as you might think it is. In Canada, the majority of weddings take place between mid June to mid October. That’s only 4 months of weddings! It’s about 18 Saturdays. How many wedding venues are in your town or city? I’ll be once you start looking you will be surprised to find *the good ones* aren’t as ubiquitous as you might have thought. This brings us to our next point:

Third, the venue

Booking the venue is typically the first stage of the real wedding planning process. Couples need to find not only a venue they want to be married at, but the date has to be available. This is where the stress starts to sink in and you realize this was not going to be as easy as your first thought it was! Do you want a venue that includes food, or are you going to get one that you can order catering? Do they offer wine and alcohol, or do you need your own and to buy a liquor license? Do the decorations work out with the type of venue or is your dream wedding of glitter and glam not suitable for the rustic venue you ended up going with?

Fourth, food, drinks, decorwedding planning stress, a bride making a decoration

These are big ones. Often the biggest expense a couple will face come with the venue and food. What kind of meal do you want to serve? Something traditional that you know everyone will like or do you want to showcase your outgoing personalities and get something with a little more pizzazz for your guests? The stress is mounting now…

Fifth, the photographer

This is usually the next biggest expense after venue and meals. For good reason, too. I admit I am a little biased as I am a wedding photographer but hear me out before you dismiss this as absolute bias. Photography is not easy. You can’t just pick up a camera and take beautiful photos like you see on the websites when you google ‘Halifax Wedding Photography’ or ‘insert your city wedding photographer’. I am not full of conceit, if you met me you would be surprised at my modesty when it comes to the photos I take. The interesting this is I thought it would be easier to find suitable second shooters. It’s not. Finding a great second shooter is one of the most difficult things I have to do. It takes a very specific skill set to excel at wedding photography. You might be great in a studio environment but a studio is far, far away from a wedding. A wedding is a dynamic and fluid marathon of an event. You have to have the mental and physical endurance to get through from the getting ready to the dance shots. Finding a great photographer is worth every penny you can invest.

Six, the guest list and the DJ

Stress Free BrideGuest list, you can only afford to invite 120 guests but your initial list shows 170. You have to make 50 cuts. You want stress? Try explaining to your co-worker of the last 5 years they don’t get an invite to your wedding. Booking a DJ is a pain in the butt. With technology everyone thinks they are a DJ, and if they don’t think they are a DJ they think they can do just a good a job as one with the songs on their IPhone.


Don’t let the stress get to you

Of course there is much more to planning a wedding than I have described in this short article but I’m sure you can start to understand why it can become so stressful in such a short amount of time. When weddings are such an important day and they do cost so much it’s important to be sure you are able to manage your stress as best as you can. I really suggest you spend some time searching online for some great blog posts as well as inspirations that will keep you stress free. I love the stress-less cheat sheet the good people at stress free modern bride put together. It’s an amazing tool that will help you get through to your wedding day without pulling out all of your hair. They have insightful blog posts and tons of resources to keep you sane!

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