Take Advantage Of A Great Marriage Celebrant – Read These 3 Tips

Getting Married in Australia?

Getting married is a blast, planning sometimes is not. Follow these tips and make sure you get the most out of your celebrant.

1) Make Sure They Communicate Well

Makes sense doesn’t it? A marriage celebrant is a huge part of your day. Besides making things ‘official’ they determine the flow of the ceremony.
bride showing off ringDo you want someone bubbly? Solemn? Humorous? By determining they are a great communicator you will also understand their approach when they deliver on your wedding day.

2)Organization; a Great¬†Marriage Celebrant’s Best Friend

A great marriage celebrant will make you feel as if you are the center of the universe. The fact is, this hard working person is most likely working every single weekend and you are one client of many. By finding one who is very organized you will be sure they will capture all of the details you are looking for. If you want an opportunity to read your own vows it’s important that information is not lost creating a potentially awkward moment!

3)Be Qualified!

Getting married in Melbourne? ¬†I’d be remiss if I didn’t reccommend this amazing marriage celebrant: Marie Kouroulis, Click Here for her website! She is beyond qualified and has been in the industry for years!

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