You know whats formal? Weddings are formal. How about a casual tee for a change.


Weddings are formal, tee shirts are laid back

They pretty much contradict each other. In fact, I think the only time I saw a tee shirt at a wedding was when the catering company had to get some emergency dishes delivered. It was a crazy situation and it ended up with the delivery dude sporting his tee shirt and delivering some plates. Sometimes you want to just bring it down a notch or two. What about the day after the wedding? You want something informal, right? Well have I got the site for you.

Tee Island Apparel makes tee’s that karate chop you in the throat!

For real, like a chop in the throat. We’ve all seen graphic tee’s that reach just a little too far. Well, is like the opposite of that. They approach the line, dance on it a bit, and then kick it away and draw their own line. You want hipster fashion? This is the place. You want a shirt that says, “lol ur not harry styles” there is only one place you are going to find it.

You need a tee that speaks to who you are

Your wedding is all about you. Some say it even defines who you are and who you will become. That’s some heavy stuff, bWifey-Black-364x500ut think about it, everything about you is present in your wedding day. Your friends and family, everyone who means something to you and is in your life comes to your wedding. They see the beautiful decor, the delicious food, the fancy lighting and the awesome photographer. They see you in your beautiful wedding gown and they see all that amazing jewelry you are wearing. Why then, does no one give any thought to what they are going to wear before and after the wedding day? I mean the next morning breakfast. How awesome would it be for these friends and family, the same ones who saw you only the night before sporting a $10,000 wedding gown come to breakfast wearing a tee that said, “Wifey” with a heart around it. It would be hella awesome, and you heard it here first.

If your wedding defines you, than so do the clothes you wear

Even the most serious people need to show how laid back they can be when the time calls for it. Now would I suggest you wear one of these tee’s to your wedding? Of course! I’d love to see a brideI-Woke-Up-Like-This-T-Shirt-Navy-500x500 and groom wear a few from this selection onto the dance floor. Nothing sets the tone of a reception more than the behavior of the bride and groom. I’ve seen weddings where brides and grooms hardly
leave the head table. You want to see a dead dance floor? (Yawn.) The best wedding receptions are the ones where the bride and groom get off their butts and show the people who came that they still know how to party. Check out Tee Island Apparel and show them you still know
how to party.

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