The Beauty in Detail

As a wedding photographer I’ve been blessed with learning and experiencing the industry in an intimate way many other vendors never do. This offers a unique perspective on other wedding vendors and their products. No other vendors are completely immersed as the photographer is during your wedding day.

We notice everything

Like when you decide to get beautiful stationery for your wedding. During the magical time in the morning when the bride is getting ready and I can find a lull in the activity I love to capture the details found in your wedding invitations. I love the typesetting, the calligraphy and the feel of a high quality cardstock between my fingertips.

Wedding Invitations From a Global Marketplace

So much has changed in my lifetime when it comes to purchasing any goods. No longer bound by your local print shop, you can easily make your stationary purchase from anywhere in the world. Why not go for a beautiful product that cements your statement to the world: We are getting married!

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