The difficulties in videography or: why you should never DIY

DIY can make you CRY

As a wedding photographer I’ve seen countless vendors come onto the scene only to disappear within a year. Often I’m approached by brides asking if I do videography. I politely tell them I am a photographer and video is a completely different skillset and happily point them in the right direction. There was a time I thought, “why don’t I jump into this as well, I could make money right?”

Wrong. Videography is a specific skill.

Just because you watch a lot of movies doesn’t mean you can shoot video. I agreed to shoot video for a bride on the condition that I didn’t know what I was doing and that I would do my best. I only charged her the price of a second photographer as I wouldn’t be able to take all the photos I normally would. She was happy.

I quickly found out I was way over my head.

I had no stabilization for my camera. Every frame was shaky. This was impossible to fix in post production (of which I really knew nothing about) and I ended up delivering a very sub standard product I was ashamed of. I bit off way more than I could chew. In retrospect, I would laugh at a videographer if he or she thought they could just jump right into photography. I only did it because I was greedy. I didn’t have the client in mind. I had myself in mind.

As with anything, you need a professional

A really great wedding videographer like Where’s the Fish based out Malaysia knows how to do things the right way. They make wedding videos as if they came right out of Hollywood. That’s awesome. There are some great video production houses here in Nova Scotia as well, and in particular Halifax. ¬†You will be able to find a pro in any major city so don’t use the excuse that you can ‘Do it yourself’ because I’m telling you from experience, you cant.

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