The engagement party that kept on rocking in Toronto

A few years ago my second shooter and I were doing a destination wedding in Toronto (ok, destination for us, we are based out of Halifax, remember?) I was totally looking forward to it, I had been to Toronto before but I hadn’t shot a wedding there yet. So there we are, downtown Toronto just doing our thing on a hot August afternoon (if you’ve been to T.O in August you know exactly what I mean!) We were taking some great shots in a crosswalk across Yonge St, just kind of grooving with the bride and groom. Now I always let my work speak for itself, I’m not trying to poach new customers at weddings I shoot, although I do book a lot of weddings via the client saw me shooting a wedding they had attended. So there we are, getting low, getting some awesome candid’s when this woman approaches me from the sidewalk and says, “Hi, I know you are super busy right now but I just got engaged and I really like the way you are shooting and I’d like to have you for my wedding do you have a business card?”

Of course, I have a business card, of course I was flattered and thanked her. I continued shooting and didn’t think much of the interaction until late that evening when I got back to the hotel room and saw an email notification. I checked it out.

It was her. She really wanted to book.

Eager clients are always awesome, I love their enthusiasm and how excited they are about the entire process. Apparently, while I was shooting the wedding she had checked out our stuff and loved it, which is also awesome. We sent some emails back and forth and arranged a time to meet before I flew back to Halifax.

We met in a coffee shop and went over some details on my laptop. I showed her some full galleries and we talked about what she could expect as a finished product. I asked how her planning was going and she told me it was going really great, except she couldn’t find a decent place for an engagement party venue in Toronto. Normally helping brides plan their big day is my specialty. There isn’t a vendor in Halifax I haven’t worked with or don’t know about. Toronto is a big city, way bigger than Halifax. I wasn’t sure I could be much advice.

The wedding photographer industry is really friendly, in the sense that if I need advice about a venue, a vendor or just want to chat about anything any other wedding photographer I speak to is super friendly and eager to offer advice, good advice. All it took was a quick text message to an awesome photographer friend of mine and the question about the venue.

Hands down, the text read, you want an Engagement party venue in Toronto, you click this link.

He told me how the majority of his clients use it and love it. Very professional, classic, clean and elegant, exactly what my client was looking for. I spoke with her again soon after her engagement party and she told me it was the best decision she could have made and how so many of her friends are booking it as well.

Awesome. Another happy bride-to-be.

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