These are the best places in Perth to visit during your honeymoon

Perth for a honeymoon anyone?

Choosing to honeymoon in Perth Australia might have been the easiest decision you’ve made during the entire wedding planning period. You are going to see many of the best places to visit in Perth suitable for adventure, while you might not have enough time to enjoy them all I’ve included a list of three of my favourite things to do.


Why the Swan Valley Wine Cruise will spark romance in your heart.

When I was married we went on our honeymoon to Perth. We knew we wanted to go there because of all of the amazing things we had heard about it. Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Australia had always been on our list of places to visit together. In Nova Scotia we have many beautiful vineyards that all boast amazing wine’s and feature amazing tours. The Swan Valley Wine Cruise piqued our interest the moment we heard about it. We stopped by Burswood car rentals and picked up a vehicle to get us around in. Of course I don’t need to tell you to opt for the one with air conditioning! A short drive got us to the winery and we let the tour take us for one of the most memorable moments of our honeymoon. The wine was fantastic and being in a new place with the love of my life – it was so intoxicating I recommend it to everyone!


If you love architecture, then there is one stop you have to make.

The Bell Tower is one of the most beautiful building I have ever laid my eyes on. I’m not even that crazy about buildings and design but when I saw this beautiful monument on our walking tour of Perth I was speechless. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a simple stop and take some photo’s either. It’s an entire experience that will leave you with some of the nicest photos of Perth you could get, not to mention some really special moments with your new spouse!


The Perth Zoo is world renowned. Get there!

We wanted to hire an SUV on our trip to Perth. It made the trip to the zoo so much easier and we could focus on enjoying each other’s company instead of trying to focus on the road and not getting lost. Zoo’s worldwide play a very important role in maintaining the health and understanding of species. They also are a huge part of the research that goes on with the animals who live there. They allow us an understanding of creatures we may never have had the opportunity to interact with; they show us how diverse our planet is and how we are just a small part in a huge world. The Perth zoo is no exception, boasting over 1800 animals there is more than enough to see and do.


No matter what you end up doing, know that you are welcome

I’ve traveled across the globe, I’ve met people from many different countries and exchanged smiles with too many strangers to remember. I’ve never experienced a more welcoming city then Perth, Australia. The people are warm and inviting and you’ll find so many great things to do you’ll leave feeling exhilarated. It’s a great time to enjoy your new marriage and really experience each other.

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