Things to think of after getting hitched: Read this and don’t be stuck!

Moving companies aren’t something we associate

with weddings. And fair enough. We all have enough on our minds without wondering what to do¬†after our wedding day. But it’s good to be prepared, and so, I’ve decided to include a post about moving companies, and more importantly, why you need to be concerned with them,

Many moving companies treat their customers like airlines do

In effect, the more of a rush you are in the higher the price you will pay for the service. Fair? Not really. Does it happen? Quite often. A good, reputable moving company doesn’t price gouge their customers so do your research and find one that has great online reviews and has a clearly posted pricing strategy. Most people find themselves financially tapped out after their wedding day, this makes sense considering how much the average cost of a wedding has increased over the last 5 years.moving guys

Not sure when to arrange a consultation?

Just call them and ask! Remember, this isn’t your brothers friends showing up for a case of beer to help you move, these are professionals. They are going to give you guidance on preparing for your move date and discuss exactly what you can do to make the move as comfortable as possible. Prepare for an awesome wedding, but don’t forget to plan for what comes after it!

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