Things you have to try on your Chinese Honeymoon (Hint: Tea is on the list!)

For all the tea in China –

How excited are you to go on your honeymoon in China? I’ve never actually been blessed enough to photograph a wedding China but I have been lucky enough to visit. I was expecting a really magnificent trip but what I actually experienced blew me away. There are way to many fun things to do when you visit China for me to list here; I can tell you a few of the things I did and just how awesome they were!

Drink some Chinese Tea!

This is a no brainer! Going to China means you have to drink Chinese tea! You can see for yourself why it was the most traded commodity for hundreds of years – and why the British paid so much for it! It’s really, really good. Drink your Chinese tea overlooking the next thing to do:

Check out the Chaobai River

Flowing right through Beijing this beautiful river is a great a place to find a park, sit back and relax. This is the river I spent many afternoons near it’s banks drinking Chinese tea. It was a really great experience and I took some beautiful photos. I highly recommend!

Take a stroll along the top of the Great Wall at Mutianyu

If you go to Beijing you really must experience the Great Wall of China. It’s one thing to see it in photographs but I’m telling you whenchinese tea on the great wall
you are standing on top of it and looking at it’s length with your own eyes there is this wonderful overwhelming feeling of joy – belonging to something so much greater than yourself. It was moving and spiritual for me and I’m sure it will be for you too.


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