This is why your wedding needs a webpage

Welcome to the future of weddings.

The internet is with us everywhere. From the smart phone in our pocket to the computers we work with. It’s no wonder the average North American is spending 5 hours a day on average in front of a computer. Oh, that’s 5 hours outside of working hours. I know right? Well, it’s time you brought your wedding up to speed. It’s time you got yourself a website.

Graphic Design, SEO, Online Presence, where do I start?

Don’t worry about any of that! This is what professionals do for a living and I don’t know of any agency that does a better job with their customers than the good people at These guys do web pages and they do it right. I’ve heard of countless brides who were thrilled with their services. Seriously, you have enough on your plate planning your wedding, let the pros handle this!

It’s like a meeting place for your wedding

It’s just what everyone needs. Directions to your venue for those guests who lost your invitation? Yup. The hotel they can all get a great rate at? Sure. You can customize your wedding website however you want and the awesome thing is it’s a great spot for when the wedding day is over. You can add a gallery for friends and family to upload their photos. Awesome!


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