Fashion That Empowers Women? Heck Yes Please!

I want clothes that fit perfectly from an online store.

This is something I want, no something I need. I’ve shopped from so many different online stores and tried to find one where the clothing I ordered actually fit without having

A beautiful piece by Tianello
A beautiful piece by Tianello

to send it back and wait for a new one. Well, let me tell you, I found one that finally got it right! Tianello pre-shrinks their clothing. This ensures a perfect fit that you never have to send back!

Steve Barraza, the mastermind behind Tianello

Recognize the name? You should! He was a co-founding member of the L.A Gear Shoe & Apparel brand. He went on  his own and created Tianello.

So what are feel good clothes that empower women?

Clothes that look good and feel good. It’s about getting what is right for you, on your own terms. We often make sacrifices when we buy our clothing, sacrifices with the sizing, sacrificing with the style, or sacrifices with the cost. This is not at all empowering. It’s as if somewhere along the way it was agreed upon by the fashion industry that the woman consumer should not get an opportunity to have something she likes too often, just here and there. Tianello bucks that trend and shows the fashion industry that we can give women what they want. Well, Tianello can.

Made in America. Empower that!

How hard is it to find made in America clothing these days? Mostly everything seems to be shipped from overseas. With Tianello you can take pride in knowing you are wearing something that is truly ‘made in the U.S.A’. All the clothing is made at the production facility in Los Angeles, the facility employs over 180 taliors, seamstresses, and finishers who take pride in the work they for every day. Steve Barazza himself approves every single detail of a style before it goes into production. That’s commitment to quality.

Find Tianello across North America. Or just come online.

Tianello products can be found in over 2000 shopping locations across the USA and Canada. was launched for those who prefer to do their shopping from their home. Currently, if you purchase more than $199 you receive free shipping; I’ve been in this industry a long time and that’s a deal you don’t see every day!

It’s time to get serious about fashion. It’s time for Tianello.

It’s all about you. You need to wear clothing that you are comfortable in and that put forth your best you. Get to Tianello and don’t miss out!

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