Travel Feature: Art. Travel. Eat. Repeat.

Art. Travel. Eat. Repeat.

Every once in awhile I love to share some of my travel experiences.

Halifax Sunset, can't be beat.
Halifax Sunset, can’t be beat.

Travel is becoming more and more popular for couples who are looking for an awesome honeymoon, but also, destination weddings are definitely picking up steam. Destination weddings used to take place mostly in the tropics; now it’s different. Now people from North America are getting hitched in an Irish Castle. Europeans are coming to Halifax for a wedding. It’s no longer just about the tropics.

A travel blog is where you need to educate yourself

These days most of us love to scour the web looking for reviews, ideas, and travel inspiration. I was lucky enough to meet Heather from art travel eat repeat; one of the fastest growing travel blogs on the internet right now. It’s seriously awesome.

She isn’t an armchair traveller

I hate to tell you but most of the content you read online isn’t from a bonafide ‘person who actually does what they say.’ Most of what you read is from a ‘ghost writer’ someone who is a great writer, but not really what they say they are. Heather is the real deal and she writes some amazing travel pieces. If you have a destination wedding or an exotic honeymoon you got to check her out.

You’ve got to consider these destinations:

  • Santorini, Greece. It’s the ultimate honeymoon destinations. Remote in the Mediterannean it’s a hot spot for European and North American tourists. If you like the sand and beach, crystal clear water and tons of historical sights it’s a must see for you.
  • Barcelona, Spain. Another great location if you love the sun. It’s not remote though, quite the opposite. Many people from across Europe dream of getting married in Spain, and with good reason: romance abounds in this beautiful city.
  • San Diego, USA. Petco Park is home to the Padre’s, the local Major League Baseball team. I’ve worked with several brides who couldn’t wait for their honeymoon to California, specifically so they could spend some time in this beautiful seaside city.
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia. My hometown. This is the place where I always recommend for honeymoons when brides get in touch from out of town. I shoot wedding all over the globe so it’s always nice to meet a couple for coffee in my own city!

Worth it’s weight in gold

A good travel blog is valuable. You know you are getting first hand, real experience. Art travel eat repeat is great because Heather actually travels. She doesn’t just write about things she wishes she could do. She does them. Plus, she’s got a cat named burrito (and how cool is that?)

travel photo for art travel eat repeat


You can check out Heather’s work by visiting her website. Check out: art travel eat repeat. You’ll be glad you did!



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