3 reasons you are missing out during your honeymoon if you aren’t following a travel blog

You deserve a great honeymoon. You need a travel blog.

Think about it, you worked so hard during your wedding planning and there was so many stressful times and events. Life has been super chaotic and you were looking forward to some time away with your new husband. With all of the wedding planning you had been doing, who ever had time for honeymoon planning? Did you just go to the travel agent and book your vacation? (ooops!)Have you hardly put any thought into it and now you are scrambling trying to figure out just what the heck you are going to do on your honeymoon! A Travel Blog will certainly help you decide on how best to spend your time. A good travel blog is written and maintained by an expert traveler. That is, someone who spends a lot of time travelling.

Let someone else do your homework for you.

I know, it almost feels like cheating doesn’t it? Remember sitting in your high school math class and how badly you wanted to look over the really smart kids shoulder that was sitting next to you for an answer to a really tough question? Well, following a travel blog is kind of like that, except – it isn’t cheating! You have enough on your plate, look over these reasons and tell me you aren’t convinced that you should be following one immediately.

1) You’ve done enough work. Sit back and let the professionals handle the rest.

Seriously – this. As a wedding photographer based out of Halifax Nova Scotia I know just how much planning goes into a wedding. You hardly have enough time to brush your own hair in the morning, forget about doing actual research! Travel blogs are written by the exact types of people you would trust when asking for a location to visit on your honeymoon. These people spend their lives travelling all four corners of the globe – it’s their livelihood! I subscribe to several travel blogsyou’re sure to find one you like – stick with it!

2) You don’t need to experience the down side of travelling

Yes, I’m afraid to tell you, there is a down side to travelling. Most people don’t like to talk about it but as most things in life there is always some kind of negative. With travel it can be anything to staying in a lame hotel to having trouble with transportation to language barriers. A travel blog, like the vacation times, will tell you what pitfalls you should avoid. This is a great way to make sure you experience the best vacation you can!

3) It’s your honeymoon, spend your time with the one you love!

Ah, the travelling researcher. I’ve seen them many times. In the hotel lobby you can usually find them on the guest computers feverishly researching what they are going to do that day. They are on forums and review websites trying to make a decision before they eat breakfast. You’re smarter then they are. You are spending your time sleeping in with the one you love – you’ve already made plans thanks to your awesome travel blog!

You deserve an amazing honeymoon, travel blogs help

There are many other reasons why you should definitely be subscribed to a travel blog. My favourite is the vacation times. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and honest source of all things travel I strongly recommend you check them out. You can find them at www.thevacationtimes.com

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