Travelling to the Florida Keys? Here is what you need to know


A trip to the Florida Keys is on most of our bucket lists…

road in the florida keysWe’ve all heard about the beautiful sun and sand. The cocktails by the ocean and watching the sunset with the sound of waves lapping the shore makes for one of the greatest vacations one could imagine. With all of this greatness around you it’s sometimes no surprise people don’t put a lot of thought into their accommodations. That’s OK, this is why you come to sites like this to make the best decision you can. Florida Keys, here we come!

Rental home option? Heck yes!

I know this is a commonplace thing where I am from, but I’m always surprised at how few people take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Most of plan to stay in Florida for at least a month, and if you are snowbird like my grandparents you are in Florida for closer to 6 months! Some rental homes even have options for less than a month and I’ve seen a few that rent week to week.sailboat in florida keys

These beautiful options should take the stress out of your decision making.

First thing is first, you can find the best rental homes in Islamorada, Key Largo, and Tavernier by heading over to the Florida Keys Vacation Brokers. This broker is the leading edge of the rental home scene and by the way they do business you will quickly see why. It’s worth nothing that they are also based out of Florida, which is more that we can say for most rental agencies or brokers. So browse their super easy, beautiful website and find a home that will suit your needs. Then just book it online! It’s really that simple. You will find a large variety of homes that can accommodate even the largest of groups.

So now back to sipping cocktails by the beach

metal horse against sunsetNow that you have your accommodations taken care of you will be able to rest easy and spend your time thinking about the important parts of your trip: relaxation! Key lime pie, anyone?

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