That time in Halifax, Nova Scotia

So it’s no secret I’m from Halifax, Nova Scotia. When I tell people I meet on my journalese I get usually get met with raised eyebrows and a ,’So, you must love Lobster?’ Truth is, I’m not really a lobster fan, or any other seafood for that matter. Of course I don’t tell the people I work with in Halifax that, it’s comparable to sacrilege.


I’ve been to Europe before, there’s a Halifax there, too.

It’s in the United Kingdom, and it’s brought me even more raised eyebrows when people ask me how long I’ve lived in England for. Part of travelling the world and shooting photos for beautiful people at their beautful weddings is that I get used to searching for accommodations. See, even though I am able to write off these expenses against my business, it’s not enough to offset my entire tax cost, so the more I can save up front means the more cash I get to keep at tax time.

This is what you need to look for in a hotel

Reviews, reviews, reviews! The power of the online review has long surpassed word of mouth or the printed ad. Are some reviews fake or the result of an angry, disgruntled guest? Sure there are, but when you place them against thousands of legitimate reviews, the average speaks for itself.

This brings me to the amount of reviews. Be wary of a hotel that has reviews that seem a little sketchy. If you have a gut feeling the reviews don’t feel authentic, that means they are probably not authentic. The internet is a double edged sword, and for as many benefits it brings us there are just as many or more ways to use it negatively. I’ve come across countless hotels that use paid reviews. That is, they hire companies who have access to thousands of fake accounts who post reviews for a price.

How does it look online? Does it have an online presence? Do they make regular updates to facebook and instagram? If they do, you are alright. An up to date online presence means they are probably paying an employee or an agency to manage this for them. That means they care about their reputation, which means you are going to get excellent service.

Online booking websites, fact or fiction?

I have met people who are wary of booking hotels, rental cars or flights through a third party website. It’s always seemed crazy to me that these people are worried they might not get what they pay for when using a legitimate booking website. This is how I explain it to them (remember, I travel a lot!) Online hotel booking websites generally get paid a commission of the rooms they book. It is in their best interest to offer you the best deal possible so that they can secure payment themselves. It is why you will never, ever, get as good of a price in the hotel lobby that you will through an online booking agency.

If you want a great trip you need to check out this awesome booking agency:

I’ve used a lot of booking agencies in my time. Some have been around awhile and some are a bit newer on the scene. The bottom line is this: Use the one that gets you the best deal! Time and time again I use I always get the best deal when I compare it to other booking agencies and it’s just so easy! So next time you search for hotel deals, just skip the hassle and go right to them. I recently used them for the Atlantica Hotel Oak Island (long story for another post.) It was significantly less expensive than any other booking agency. I saved cash. I was happy. You should be happy too.


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