Why I Bought a Villa in Maspalomas (and you should too!)

I’ve always loved Villa’s

As a destination wedding photographer I’ve had the benefit of seeing many different beautiful places on this Earth, many of them take my breath away every time. It’s also allowed me to see the differences between cultures and living arrangements. There have been some that I have fallen in love with (instantly) and others I’ve never really cared for. When I got to the midpoint of my photography career I knew I should be doing something with my money. Up to this point I had it in an offshore account just sitting there, doing nothing. It wasn’t until I took a chance that I saw the need to find a villas for sale in Maspalomas.

Maspalomas – Spain’s Gift To Us All

The first time I went to the Canary Islands I was in my early twenties. I was backpacking throughout Europe and an opportunity came up for a cheap ticket on a boat to the Canary Islands. I knew this opportunity wouldn’t present itself again so I jumped on it. This is when I fell in love with the island, the people and the culture. I only stayed for a week but the place left such an impression on me I promised myself I would be back.


The villa to call my home

I knew when I made it back I wouldn’t want to leave. I was prepared. I finally booked a wedding there when I was in my mid twenties. This gave me an opportunity to reconnect with my love of the island and a reason to start planning how I would end up living there. I connected with a property management agency (Sunset Homes Gran Canaria) and had them notify me if anything in my price range and preference came up. In the meantime I began to start saving my money. This is where I wanted to live forever.

Finally, I had what I always wanted.


It was the villas for sale in Maspalomas that put me on track for a fulfilling life. I often wonder about what would of become of me had I have turned down the opportunity to visit the island all of those years ago. I’m thankful I can spend my free time walking along the sandy beaches and watching the sun set on another amazing day. Now, I conduct my business from my home in Maspalomas when the weather in Halifax is dark, damp and cold. I wouldn’t change a thing.




If you are considering purchasing  villas for sale in Maspaloma you should definitely check out Sunset Homes Gran Canaria

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