Travelling to a wedding but worried about your carbon footprint? You should know this:

Want 50% off all air travel and to offset 100% of your carbon footprint?

Who doesn’t, right? This seems like the kind of question that might be followed with some gimmicky typical marketing ploy. Well, it’s not. If you are thinking of having a destination wedding or are planning a honeymoon you really need to know about Travel Light with Viridian. They provide access to wholesale travel rates and have a 110% price guarantee. Not bad if you are hoping to get somewhere tropical for the biggest day of your life.

You need to honeymoon, don’t dismiss it as old fashioned.

One thing I see from time to time is couples deciding not to take a honeymoon. They justify it by stating that they just spent a ton of money on their wedding and they would rather come back down to reality and start to save for a home. I’ll never say it isn’t a great idea to save money for a home, or for any other reason, but there are some really great reasons why you should definitely take a honeymoon. 

Travel takes us out of our comfort zone

This is a good thing when we are talking about being with the person we love. What better way to spend time with the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with than by visiting a beautiful tropical paradise, or walking cobblestone streets of a far off destination. Travelling is fun. It presents us with challenges that are a blast to get through. Where should we go next? What exotic restaurant do we want to go to for dinner? Did you want to do the hike through the jungle or rent scooters and check out the local towns. It puts us in a place where our reality doesn’t matter. You can be with your new spouse and have nothing in the world to distract you from their presence. Don’t skip out on your honeymoon – you’ll remember it forever.

Most of us are becoming more conscientious about the environment.

Travel Light with Viridian will offset 100% of your carbon footprint. It’s a big part of the companies identity. You can feel good about your trip knowing that you aren’t negatively impacting the environment. They have incredible customer service and will be happy to discuss your honeymoon plans. Check them out, I know you’ll be glad that you did.

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