What you need to make your wedding day shine

Ever wonder what makes a wedding so special?



Is it the decorations or the food? Is it the music or the people? Well, it really is all of those things but what makes it extra special is the little things. The little things like wedding sparklers for your guests to light off during your exit. It’s no wonder why “Wedding Sparkler Send Off” is one of the most searched wedding related topics on google over the last two years. Make your wedding day memorable and last forever in the hearts of your guests by finishing it off with your own sparkler send off.barefoot-on-the-beach-wedding-sparklers


If you want an awesome send off you need to read this!

It isn’t as going out to your dollar store and picking up some cheap sparklers, a pack of matches and hoping your guests figure it all out. There is actually a lot of work that goes into a successful sparkler send off; believe me, I’ve been a part of so many beautiful wedding days with my photography and a lot of those included well executed, well thought out sparkler send offs. Here are some tips to make sure yours is the best it can be.

Quality sparklers = quality photos!black_and_white_wedding_sparklers

I have seen this one a lot, a send off can be perfectly planned and ready for the greatest execution and then… fizzle. The sparklers won’t light properly, they don’t burn properly, they even leave your guests with burns! This is an easy fix though; I tell everyone to go to this amazing wedding day sparkler online store. They deal exclusively in the highest quality content and I have only ever had great dealings with them!

Quality photographer = quality photos!

Lets face it, the only other reason you want a sparkler send off other than to create awesome memories for all of your guests is to have the photos to look back on! A sparkler send off is what seperates the pros from the rookies for photographers, so make sure you get a photographer that has the ability to capture what you want! Sparkler send off’s are dynamic, fluid events and if you aren’t prepared as a photographer you are going to be quickly made aware of your limitations behind the camera!

Keep on creating memories!

That’s all there is to it! Make sure you get the best sparklers, and make sure you get a competent photographer!




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