Don’t get stuck with an amateur wedding DJ


DJ’s are the unsung heroes of weddings

It’s a fact. I’ve worked enough to know how important they are to the feeling of the wedding. I’ve been to many weddings with terrible DJ’s and I’ve seen first hand how things can really start to fall apart if the DJ isn’t on top of things. When I talk to couples and they tell me how they want to save money, they always bring up how they can save by hiring a cheap DJ, or getting their brother, or sister, or friend to bring their Ipod and do it for them. I stress to them that this is not the place to try and save money.

Show your guests a good time

A good DJ knows how to set the stage for the dance floor. They know how to read the crowd and cater to the audience. They are partial to no genre and are willing to bend over backwards for the bride and groom in an attempt to make it the best night ever. This is where amateurs fall apart, every time.

This is who you need to go with if you are in Maui:

I only recommend the best of the best, and this is it.

Check them out, they never disappoint.

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