Several Reasons You Should Go Green For Your Wedding

Several Reasons To Go Green Now For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding isn’t an easy task. I’ve been photographing weddings for over 7 years now and the thing that always surprises me is how much time and effort brides will put into their wedding planning. They plan everything from the decor to the cake, the DJ, photographer and officiant. The list goes on. With the added pressure of climate change many brides and grooms are feeling like they should scale down their wedding plans. I don’t think this is necessarily the way to go. You can have the wedding of your dreams and still be environmentally responsible. The trick is knowing how to do it. Here are several reasons to go green for your wedding and we’ll discuss the how as well.

A green wedding will help the local economy.planet earth

The green revolution is in full swing. It became the ‘hip’ thing to do years ago and the businesses that exist today with no policies or awareness of the environment are often called out because of it. Most businesses pride themselves on their green initiatives but there are some that exist only because of the need for them. That is to say there are many businesses that operate completely for those seeking greener alternatives to what they may need. In Halifax there are several businesses that offer green products for weddings. The most creative I have seen were edible bouquets that were grown organically. They were beautiful and the bride was proud that she made a choice to do something positive for her wedding.

Reduce your carbon emissions by downsizing

A green wedding is typically smaller than a traditional wedding. I’ve noticed over the last several years weddings are decreasing in size with regards to the number of guests attending. This is nice for several reasons, mainly a smaller wedding is less expensive. The carbon offset is gigantic with a smaller wedding: think of all the amount of travelling just one guest may have to do to attend a wedding. That alone is a reason to have a smaller wedding. Smaller weddings are much better to attend. I’ve noticed that people have a better chance to interact with each other as well as the bride and groom and they enjoy themselves much more than the guests I have seen at a large wedding. By keeping your wedding guest list short you will definitely be doing your part to help the environment.


Make you happier

One thing I always stress when meeting clients for the first time is that they should do everything they can to be happy on their wedding day. The most important factor in photographs is the mood of the couple. A happy, stressful couple is much more likely to get back beautiful photographs better for the environmentthan a couple that is stressing out or not fully enjoying their day. If you commit to a green wedding you are guaranteed to feel much better about yourself on your wedding day. You will know that you are taking the right approach to help stop climate change  which will only make you happier about your wedding.

There are many other equally great reasons to go green

From helping the local economy, becoming happier and offsetting your carbon footprint these were just a few reasons to go green. If you would like to see more I really recommend you check out Green Diva Mom it’s an exciting blog about positive environmental actions you can take as an individual and it’s written in a fun and easy to read way. Doing things with the consideration of the environmental impact they could have in mind is a great way to live your life; and it’s a benefit to the planet too.



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