Wedding in South France? You Need a Great Photographer!

Make your wedding in South France the best it can be.

We all have our dream wedding destination. Mine has always been France. I was a guest at a wedding in South France last month and I can say without a doubt it lived up to all of my expectations, and then some! It was a traditional wedding that had everything we’ve come to expect from a beautiful wedding.

A beautiful bride and groom and vendors that worked together.

I’ve said this many times in my articles and it’s advice I pass on to every bride and groom I work with: The most professional wedding vendors work with each other to deliver the best product to their client. Think about it, we are all working for the same people and towards the same goals, it’s no wonder the best weddings are one’s where the vendors have come together!

An exceptional wedding photographer had me in awe.

Now I’ve worked with many different vendors and I’ve seen the very best and the very worst. At this wedding I was at in South France I was very impressed with the wedding photographer who shot the wedding. He was capturing all of the most beautiful shots and was an absolute pleasure to see work. I know he was extremely professional based on his interactions not only with the bride, groom and guests but also the other vendors. The absolute professional.

Wedding photography isn’t just about the photography

I’ve said this may times before. There are many many people out there who can take a beautiful photo under certain conditions. People like Lawrence are versatile. They can do it in any condition, under any circumstance. He was a photojournalist in Paris, this is important when you are looking for experience. Whether you need a wedding photographer South France or a wedding photographer in the French Riviera; do your homework, your grandchildren will thank you for it when they are looking at your wedding album!

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