Wedding music just got a whole lot better.

Don’t let your guests down. Get an industry pro.

Remember back in the day when everyone had a cousin, or an uncle, or a friend who would bring the Ipod to their wedding and try and run it that way? Did you ever wonder why no one does that anymore, and in fact, that trend didn’t even take off? It’s obvious to me, though MP3 players are awesome for music on the go (who am I kidding, no one even had an MP3 player anymore) you would never expect to play your wedding’s music off your phone, would you?

Professionals know what they are doing. They understand the crowd. The know when to hit the gas.

I’ve seen it so many times before. The first dance comes and goes, the father daughter, mother son dances come and go, the DJ plays an old song no one really likes and the vibe in the room drops through the floor like a one hit wonder after 10 weeks on the chart. A good DJ wouldn’t have let this happen. A great DJ would have all the guests busting moves all over the dance floor. This is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. Being a DJ isn’t all about sitting in a booth and mixing tracks. It’s not all about having the flashiest lights and biggest bass (although it helps.)

Being a professional in the wedding industry is all about interacting with people.

Real people. Talking to them. Reading their body language. That woman over there in the blue dress and heels with her hair done up? Looks about 40? She might really be into whatever is hot on the charts right now. Play Madonna’s, “Like a Virgin” and you just lost her for the night. Put on something current, she’s dragging your guests to the dance floor. A great DJ can feel or sense these things. They are excellent at reading body language and reading people before the even speak. That’s what makes them professionals.

Get the best available, you won’t regret it.

I always always recommend people go for Sequoyah Entertainment. Jason Lovely is the owner and he is the best in the wedding business, hands down.





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