How to Choose the Best Dallas Wedding Photographer

You need the best Dallas wedding photographer, here are some tips

Wedding photography is one of the most important vendors you will get for your wedding. You spend so much time and energy choosing the best vendors for your decor, your cake and your catering. Everyone is going to love your wedding so much you have to be sure to capture the moment with photographs that will last a lifetime.

Wedding photography comes in different styles

Make sure you know what style you are interested in and what suits you best. If you like the dark dramatic approach make sure you find someone who suits your tastes. There is nothing worse than booking a photographer based on their reputation only to find out you don’t really like their style of photography. It’s easy to check; just look at their portfolio. A professional photographer would never accept a client he or she didn’t believe would be the most suitable for their style of photography. Personally I shoot in a more ‘high key’ style. We love pastels and the slightly overexposed look – now this look isn’t for everyone but there are people who love it. We sit down with all of our clients before confirming their dates and make sure we are compatible. It’s just good business.

Wedding photographers should have shining personalities

This is important: a great wedding photographer will have a shining, bubbly and positive personality. They need to instill confidence and set you at ease. This is where I see most wedding photographers struggle. I’ve seen many great photographers never really go anywhere with their attempt at wedding photography. In the end they believe that it is the industry that isn’t working but in reality it is themselves. Let’s face it: you and your partner are probably not professional models. This is OK, in fact, I’ve never shot a wedding where anyone was or had been a model. It is our job to show you how to be a model, if only for a day. This is why it’s so important we instill confidence – if you don’t feel absolutely stunning and beautiful it will show in the photographs.

Do your homework! Make sure you get who you deserve.

I’ve been ripped off many times by other wedding photographers. There are ways to use a google search and see if any of my images have been used elsewhere on the web. It isn’t uncommon and unfortunately it also isn’t a measure of my skills (although I wish it was!) Simply, many people are posing to be bonafide wedding photographers and how do you get into a market where clients are looking for a portfolio that you don’t have? Some people do end up going the nefarious route and stealing images from professional photographers and passing them off as their own. Unfortunately this is the reality of the industry and I would caution you – any photographer you find on a classified website like craigslist, or thumbtack etc, you should really be diligent about checking out the validity of their claims. Not too say they are all scammers – but most of the scammers come from these websites.

Dallas or Dieppe – Fort Worth or Fort Henry

It doesn’t matter where you live these tips apply to anyone who is looking for a professional Dallas wedding photographer. It’s an industry that is completely unregulated, there are some scary pitfalls to avoid. The benefit of this whole setup is that it produces some of the best, most authentic artwork that you will ever find. Every city has a best wedding photographer. Most cities have many. If you are looking for the best wedding photographer in Dallas just ask around; I’m sure you will end up with Igor Photography – hands down the best Dallas wedding photographer. I really love his work and you won’t find better wedding photography in Dallas, that’s a guarantee!

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