Wedding Videography in Melbourne? Make sure you get the best film you can!

That time I went to look for my wedding videos;

Fun fact: I didn’t hire a wedding videographer. I had elected to leave the capturing of my wedding day video to friends and family with cell phones, cell phones circa 2011. So naturally, while looking for these files, I couldn’t find them all. Why would I have been? They were spread out all over the internet, from the cloud to long abandoned emails. I think I might have one or two on an old external hard drive in the attic. I’m not OK with it either. I didn’t get a videographer because I though photos would be enough. Being a wedding photographer myself I knew the amazing story we could tell. I put my faith into a photographer I believed to be a professional. I was wrong.

Wedding Films unlike anything you’ve ever seen… as a wedding film.

You can jump on youtube and find thousands of examples of wedding footage. Some of it is ok, a lot of it is mediocre, and a very small amount of it is really… breathtaking.  Of course this is exactly what I did when I couldn’t find my own wedding film. Let me tell you, I am not a crier. It takes a lot, I mean a lot, to get me to shed some tears. So imagine how surprised I was when I came across this wedding video of Hannah and John by Popcorn Films. I cried, I admit. It’s ok though, they were tears of joy. This beautiful couple gets the rest of their life to share with each other and they can always watch this beautiful video.

It is something you must absolutely consider. It’s relevant and will last forever.

These wedding videos are amazing. I’ve watched so many by this wedding video production company. If you are married, or getting married, or single wishing you were getting married, you should check out this cinematographic wedding video. Make you sure have some tissue on hand though, you’ve been warned.

They are from Melbourne Australia, but I bet they will go anywhere.

I love running a wedding blog.

black and white photo of bride and groom embracing
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I get to find some of the most inspirational and beautiful vendors on the planet. I’ve yet to meet a vendor that isn’t open to travelling (of course it’s normal to expect a travel fee associated.) So if you are in Melbourne, you’re in luck. If you aren’t, you are still in luck because it’s a treat to watch these videos and they might just travel for you.

Take my advice, don’t get stuck without a wedding video

I suggest you check out Popcorn Wedding Films, of course, whoever you use, always make sure they are professional and established.  When it comes to booking a wedding videographer you can be sure anyone I recommend is only the best. Popcorn Wedding Films? They are definitely up there.

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