Wedding’s Aren’t All About the Dress!


2 reasons to consider a fashion upgrade after your wedding:

Congrats! You are married now and that’s fantastic. Many women fear married life will spell an instant death to their cutting edge, always ahead of the curve fashion sense. It doesn’t have to! While many women will slip into the domesticated lifestyle of leggings, sweat shirts and chilling out, it isn’t going to happen to you!

1) Fashion is always changing. Stay Trendy!

Ever since we were kids it was apparent styles of fashion came and went with the season. You’ve always been known for your fashion sense and now that you are married and settled down, does that change how your wardrobe should look? Does a single woman necessarily dress differently than a married woman? I don’t think so, but I do know that married women are a lot more likely to let their once amazing ‘haute couture’ disappear with their singleness. DSC_7559

2) You don’t need to travel to NYC to do it!

With the advent of online shopping more and more people are buying clothing from their home. With convenient and simple measurement systems and no fuss return/exchange policies, it’s easy to see why. You need a laid back, about fashion type of boutique and I strongly recommend you check out they are a real up and comer on the online boutique fashion scene. Did I mention their founder is a graduate of  the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise out of LA?


Seriously, check them out!

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