What I did to make Kristen’s Wedding shine as bright as a star

Kristen came to be last year to help her plan her wedding. I knew her through a friend of a friend and she had actually been a bridesmaid in a wedding I had photographed several years ago. She wanted her wedding to be special and unique. She wanted it to have something that would leave an impression on her guests and she wanted it to be fun.

I suggested she get wedding sparklers

Being a photographer I really love it when brides have these at their weddings. They are so much fun and the photos I am able to create with them last a lifetime. Wedding sparklers leave a lasting impression and are so easy to use. They involve so many guests, from young to old, and create an environment where everyone is laughing together.

Her wedding was a blast and the sparklers were a huge success!

Some of the best photographs I have ever taken were from her wedding. I always send my clients to this online wedding sparklers boutique. I’ve heard nothing but great things from everyone who has used them and that’s awesome. Planning a wedding is all about getting through the little challenges that present themselves, and when ┬áKristen came to be with this little challenge, I was thrilled to help her work through it.

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