Is a Wedding Veil Necessary?

First Came The Dress

I remember as if it were yesterday; dress shopping for my best friends wedding. We had been to every boutique in the city and were now looking online. It was stressful. Stressful. I had to be a true friend and tell her she didn’t look good in one even though I knew she really liked it. I had to be the bad person for her own good. This is why she asked me to go with her. I needed to be there for her.bride and groom sitting on concrete ledge

Cut, Fit and Style

She couldn’t decide. She was totally stuck. It was between a beautiful mermaid style and a classical billowing ‘ball-room-queen’ number. Two totally different styles. After hours and eventually days of indecision I suggested we look at our approach from a different angle. We hadn’t considered a veil, and maybe one of the dresses would look better with a veil than without. Nailed it.

A Veil To Complete The Look

Well, they can’t tell you how great it feels to see your best friend wearing a beautiful wedding gown complete with a veil she hadn’t even considered purchasing in the first place. It won’t tell you about the amazing people at (that’s what I’m here for) Zveil makes veils. They were inspired by their own difficulties trying to find a beautiful veil that matched. They were shocked at how expensive regular veils are and wanted to do something about it. At you will find a huge range of beautiful, hand made veils at a super affordable price. Oh how I wish they were around for my wedding!

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