I’ve been to some amazing cities. I’ve seen some amazing homes.

The wedding has come and gone; it’s time to consider the most important investment of your lives.

Home ownership. It’s on your mind. Most couple still wait until they are married to buy a home, and a rising number of married couples are opting to build their dream home instead of moving into someone else’s. What makes a home unique? Is it the siding or the landscaping? Is it the blocks around their driveway that make it so unique that you want one just like it? Or is it really nothing to do with those things, is it something else entirely?

As a destination wedding photographer I have been around the world

Some things, of course, stick out to me more than others. I have a thing for really interesting looking homes. Like cool homes you would love to live in. There is a really skinny house, for example, in White Rock, British Columbia that I remember from when I was young. The story behind it has to do with local building codes and lot sizes. The end of it was that the builder followed the code but ended up with a home that was razor thin, I mean, it was no more than 10 feet wide. It was neat though.

Some of the most amazing sites have been local

For example, the stone house, restored by famous photographer Sherman Hines. it’s in Halifax’s backyard and is quite a site to behold. It’s an interesting type of architecture that comes from nearly medieval times, and it has been restored almost to it’s original greatness.

So now that you are married…

It’s time to discuss home ownership. Are you going to just buy up a run of the mill home seen on any street in America or Canada, or are you going to look for something different, something unique. Something that is a reflection of who you are as a family. If you are ready to be unique, you should know what to look for in a residential architect. I’m not talking about good looks or charm (although that is never a bad thing), I’m talking about the qualities and traits of the professional and what makes them great.

Just like when you booked your photographer

You need to see their portfolio. There are many important things you can see to validate your like of a particular architect, but the portfolio should be one of the first things you ask for. (In fact, you shouldn’t even have to ask for it, they should be offering it to you as soon as you make contact). For example, if you google Glasgow wedding photographer, Mark Anderson Photography will come up near the top. Check his portfolio. Awesome right? Book him! A great portfolio in any industry is worthy of an instant booking.

Do they care about the Earth?

As in, do they offer sustainable design? As energy consumption moves away from fossil fuels and into renewable s, are you getting into a home with a small carbon footprint? This is definitely worth considering with the trends we are seeing in new home construction and design.

Do they have experience with other projects like yours

Again, like the photographer you hired. Did you hire someone who had only commercial photos? Not likely. You went with someone who was great with weddings. Likewise, you should find an architect that has experience not only in residential architecture, but has designed buildingsĀ similar to the one you are looking for.




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