What you have to know for your Honeymoon in Istanbul!

Istanbul is truly a beautiful city

It’s also a big city. And an old city, we tell you how to find an Istanbul Tour guide. A professional tour guide not only makes your vacation/honeymoon more enjoyable but also cost less. If you think tour guides are expensive consider this: You’re chance at being pick pocketed, taken advantage of, or just swindled basically disappears if you are with a tour guide. I know people who have lost I Pads, cellphones, passports, money, you name it. Never from Istanbul – but you should always be prepared.

The Hagia Sophia is a ‘must see’

If you do only one thing when you get to Istanbul please see the Hagia Sophia. There is hardly a church, nay building, world over that has as much rich history as the Hagia Sophia. Listed as one of the original “7 wonders of the world” it’s beauty will leave you speechless and hungry for more. Istanbul tours are breathtaking.

Consider a tour guide, it’s going to make your life much easier.

Real Istanbul Tours is the guide we recommend. Highly rated on trip adviser they are perfect for small and private tours – I tell everyone I know considering Istanbul to make sure to use them!

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